When it comes to financing your home, it pays to have the professional mortgage advice of mortgage brokers. The Mortgage Hunter has years of experience in the industry and we have helped many people get a mortgage which meets their needs. Here are the top 10 reasons to get a mortgage broker:

  1. They can negotiate the right mortgage at the right rate.
  2. Our team is fully trained to make the process and application as painless and as fast as possible.
  3. You will have one point of contact for all the various institutions involved in getting a mortgage (such as a bank, insurance company and credit union).
  4. As independent mortgage brokers, we can shop around through hundreds of different mortgage options to find a customized solution.
  5. We’re not middlemen and we have established relationships with trusted lenders across the country.
  6. You can gain access to exclusive rates and mortgage options that wouldn’t necessarily be available to you as an individual.
  7. Thanks to the high volume of mortgages that we do, we are able to negotiate lower rates for you.
  8. Our solution is highly affordable and cost effective (in the long run, you will be saving money by partnering with a mortgage broker).
  9. We work for you – not for the banks. As an ethical mortgage broker, we make sure your best interests are the forefront of all decisions that get made.
  10. We only do one thing – mortgages – and we do it exceedingly well.

When you partner with The Mortgage Hunter, we will make sure you get the best possible mortgage for your needs. Contact us for more information today.